Suffering Law

It's been a while I'm not updating my blog. My final exam had just passed. And all the time before i doing this entry, i slept with dreamt about my result.

Huhu, programming is really not my path. I can't understand what the machine language ask me to do. Fyi, machine language is create by woman. So no wonder it being so hard to understand.

Just forget about it. Think about the exam and programming make my heart racing in a marathon. Back to the topic. Idk, but this topic is quite interesting. Before you read this, i want to stress that i'm not being so clever to say that Malaysian rule is not good but i think some improvement of law need to do. I know it's quite boring but if you open your mind and think wisely, you will get what i want to say.

I am so sad and sympathy towards the rape victims in Malaysia. Idk why this happen, but lately the rate of rape victims is increasing from day to day. And not suprising in 20 years later, all the citizens doesn't care about the cases. I mean, rapist is just a normal thing.

The marriage between rapist and rape victims is not funny at all. The law is nonsense. Rape victims is traumatic. You never know how they become so struggle to continue their life, open the new chapter and forget evrything.

How can they live with people that rape them?

How can they enjoy their life and having children with people who already destroy their life?

How they want to face the society who even not understand what they are going through?

Do you think by letting rape victims married with the rapist, this problems is already been solved? Rapist is lack of moral knowledge, they can't control their obsession on sex. If they are not continue the sexual harrasment towards the victims (the person that they married) maybe they find another victims. So, it is not about married or whatsoever. It is about moral knowldge. The rapist need to hv counselling and therapy. Not by letting them married with the victims.

Society always blame women dress code when this issues pop out from media. However, if you are doing research rapist are not even care about your age and the way you dress. Even a baby can be raped. It is happen in Malaysia, weyh. I know it is really terrible and i can't accept this cases.

People need to have sex education and open in this issues. In early education, parents need to exposed their children about this. Not just telling them on how to react with strangers but also what is sexual harassment. I know a lot of  pedophile stories. Most of the cases, the most important persons in the kids life is the rapist. It can be their father, grandfather, brother or even teacher. It is not about you are not trusting your family members or your kids teacher but awareness is important before it is too late.

For me, law of rape victims is really nonsense. Recently, I read about the law in overseas which is the rapist have their rights to raise their children. Rapist have their right to get into the jail, dude. They had already destroy others dignity and you expect them to raise their kids. What a joke! Idk, what's wrong with the world right now. People are going mad and out of mind.

This is my opinion and im really sorry if you are offended wit my writing. Since i live in democratic country, I hv my rights to speak out in this issues.


  1. Malunya baca blog shalin. Blog kite tulis pasal kite malas belajar tapi awak tulis pasal hal semasa. Malu ah ceni malu malu.

  2. Hahahah, takyahla malu. Ni pun tulis ikut suka je. Dia punya blog lagi hebat tau tak. Kami suka baca blog anis😍


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